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Navigating Success: Holland America Group's Oracle Cloud EPM Workforce Planning Implementation for P&O Australia

July 15th | 10:30 AM CDT | Cheekwood F
Steve Wyatt, Holland America

Josie Manzano-Stettler, Argano


Easing the Pains of M&A with Oracle Cloud EPM Financial Close and Consolidation (FCC)

July 15th | 11:30 AM CDT | Cheekwood F

Terrance Walker, Argano


Using OCI Audit and Diagnostic Logs to Aid in OAC System Administration

July 15th | 11:30 AM CDT | Belle Meade CD

Wayne Van Sluys, Argano


Arvest Bank's Journey with Oracle Cloud EPM Account Reconciliation Cloud (ARC) and Transaction Matching

July 15th | 1:00 PM CDT | Cheekwood F

Monica Villines, Arvest Bank

Courtney Allen, Argano


Empowering Oracle EPM with ChatGPT: Mastering Groovy Scripting

July 15th | 2:10 PM CDT | Belle Meade AB

Joe Aultman, Argano


Converting an Excel Model into Planning –
A New Approach

July 15th | 4:00 PM CDT | Hermitage E

Joe Aultman, Argano


Creating Custom Map Layers with Oracle Spatial Studio and Adding Location Analytics In Oracle Analytics Cloud

July 15th | 4:00 PM CDT | Belle Meade CD

Wayne Van Sluys, Argano

Tim Vlamis


Optimizing Financial Operations: A Case Study on How Coterra Energy Leveraged Oracle Cloud EPM Account Reconciliation Cloud (ARC) to Drastically Reduce the Cost of Account Reconciliations

July 16th | 8:00 AM CDT | Hermitage D

Laura Vassallo-Lee, Coterra Energy

Courtney Allen, Argano


Revolutionizing Reporting: Argano's Success Story in Enhancing FIS Global's Reporting with Oracle's Cloud EPM Narrative Reporting

July 16 | 8:00 AM CDT | Cheekwood F

Chris Vincent, FIS Global

Terrance Walker, Argano


Customized Oracle Cloud EPM Financial Consolidation and Close Calculations Anyone Can Build

July 16th | 10:30 AM CDT | Hermitage B

Terrance Walker, Argano

Ronnie Tafoya, Argano


Like a Phoenix from the Ashes: Learn How We Took Oracle EPM off the IT Decommission List Straight to the MVP

July 16th | 11:30 AM CDT | Hermitage E

Glen Lambert, Dave & Busters

Ronnie Tafoya, Argano


So We Could Have Deployed Oracle Cloud EPM Financial Close and Consolidation (FCC) Rather Than "Consolidating" in Oracle Cloud EPM Planning

July 17th | 8:00 AM CDT | Hermitage D

Damon Hrydziuszko, Flagstar Bank

Terrance Walker, Argano


First Steps on the Learning Path of Groovy Business Rules: From Key Programming Concepts to Deciphering the EPM Cloud API Documentation

July 17th | 9:00 AM CDT | Hermitage B 

Joe Aultman, Argano


Revolutionizing Reporting: Unleashing the Power of Oracle Cloud EPM Narrative Reporting's Notes Functionality

July 17th | 9:00 AM CDT | Cheekwood F 

Josie Manzano-Stettler, Argano


Embark on an illuminating journey with our expert panel as we uncover the transformative power of Oracle's groundbreaking Fusion Data Intelligence Platform

July 17th | 1:30 PM CDT | Cheekwood A

Wayne Van Sluys, Argano


Why Your Customized Cash Flows Model Will Not Be So Complicated with Oracle Cloud EPM Financial Cloud and Consolidation (FCC)

July 17th | 2:40 PM CDT | Cheekwood F 

Terrance Walker, Argano


Elevating Workforce Strategy: Unveiling the Power of Strategic Workforce in Oracle Cloud EPM

July 17th | 3:50 PM CDT | Cheekwood F

Josie Manzano-Stettler, Argano

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Resource Materials


How Finance Leaders are Modernizing the Office of the CFO

Learn how to unlock agility, streamline finance, and fuel growth in 2024.



The Future of EPM Unleashed

With the advent of AI-powered planning, connected ecosystems, and a focus on agility, discover how we’re on the brink of a new EPM era that promises to revolutionize how businesses operate.



Effective Planning with Oracle Scenario Modeling

Argano's client, Parkland Corporation, shares its success story with Oracle Scenario Modeling in Oracle Cloud EPM Planning. Explore how you can scale your business with one cloud solution.



EPM Strategic Assessment 

If you are ready to achieve best-in-class processes and enhanced analytics, considering a new EPM solution, or need to evaluate your existing platform, let Argano help you determine the best path forward.



Magic Quadrant for Financial Planning Software

Seeking to digitally transform your organization's performance? Look no further than Oracle Cloud EPM, recognized as a leader in the Magic Quadrant™ for Financial Planning Software.



Oracle named as a leader in the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant

Oracle was named a leader in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Financial Close and Consolidation Solutions. Check out the benefits your business can experience with Oracle Cloud EPM.



7 Oracle EPM Enhancements You Can Launch in Less than 60 Days

Discover quick-hit Oracle EPM projects you can realistically complete before the end of the year.



5 Disruptive Trends in Manufacturing

Here are 5 disruptive trends and the foundational digital strategies that can give manufacturers the capabilities to manage them. Learn how you can conquer the challenges of tomorrow's supply chain.



Use EPM to Unlock Value for the office of the CFO

Keeping up with a data-rich, changing world has become an everday challenge for financial professionals, but traditional reporting and planning tools lack the required capabilities.


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